Hyperion (Ambilight) Support for Tinkerforge’s LED Strip Bricklet

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Wow, it’s been a while since my last post. I totally forgot to mention that I added support for Tinkerforge’s LED Strip Bricklet to Hyperion - about 10 months, ago.

For those of you who don’t know Hyperion, yet: It’s an ’Ambilight’ implementation that in contrast to the original boblight runs quite fast on the Raspberry Pi (RPi). It supports Raspbmc, XBian and OpenELEC but it is not limited to those Linux distributions specialized on letting XBMC/Kodi run on the RPi.

After you installed Hyperion, as described here, you need a configuration. You can create the configuration file with a tool called HyperionCon (more details can be found Hyperion Configuration). This tool, however, does not support the Tinkerforge device. This means you need to edit the device section of your hyperion.config.json manually.

        "device" :
                "name"       : "MyPi",
                "type"       : "tinkerforge",
                "output"     : "",
                "port"       : 4223,
                "uid"        : "xyz",
                "colorOrder" : "rbg",
                "rate" : 50
  • name(string): leave it as it is
  • type(string): make sure to use tinkerforge //mandatory
  • output(string): the IP of the device where you connected your Master Brick to/where brick daemon is running at //optional; default:
  • port(int): the port your brick daemon is running at //optional; default: 4223
  • uid(string): the UID of your LED Strip Bricklet //mandatory; you can find it out via Brick Viewer
  • colorOrder(string): you can change the colorOrder if you have problems //optional; default rgb
  • rate(int): the frame duration //mandatory; = 1 / FPS; note there's some bug => make sure to set this value!!!

Note 1: at the moment only WS2801 is supported

Note 2: Unfortunately my pull request has been merged into Hyperion without a dependency on https://github.com/bbilger/libtinkerforge. If you are interested into the one with that dependency, then check out: https://github.com/bbilger/add_tinkerforge

Note 3: I also forgot to release support for LCDProc. I will do so, soon.